Samail Date Factory

Samail Date Factory

Great Taste, Great Tradition – Since 1994

logoSamail date factory is considered one of the important agricultural projects that is specialized in dates processing in the Sultanate.  Undoubtedly it is a basic contribution in the development of this generous country.

Samail date factory was established in early 1994 in A Dakhiliyah Region Al Ghubrah area of Wilayat Samail as a small project with limited facilities.  It has been expanded in 2004 based on the emerging need for a well equipped factory with modern facilities of high standards to satisfy the local and international markets demand of Omani dates.


Samail date factory sells about 400 tones of its dates products to some domestic markets, government organizations and shopping centers.  About 300 tons per year are exported to India, Malaysia, Zanzibar and China.


Daily production capacity of the factory is about 5 tons per day of processed dates including dates with nuts and sesame,  vacuum pressed dates,  etc.  packed in different sizes ranging from 250gm to 20kgs.  Samail date factory uses several types of dates including Fardh,  Khalas,  Naghal,  Handal,  Khuneizi, Abunarangah,Barni and other types according to market needs.