Benefits of Dates

  • It helps relaxation of nerves and feeds the brain nerve cells as it contains phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin (A)b and (B) complex.
  • It strengthens the weak stomach and increases the efficiency of food digestion and enriches the skin.
  • It prevents constipation by its fiber content.
  • It can help in overcoming obesity because it is poor in fats.
  • It provide the body with its complete requirements of magnesium, manganese, copper and sulphur and half of its requirement of iron and quarter of its requirement of calcium, phosphorus and fluoride.
  • It activates the digestive fluid and prevents indigestion.
  • It balances stomach acidity.
  • It increases the secretion of mother’s milk.
  • It helps in cleansing the kidneys and helps in urination.
  • Dates are useful to prevent lip cracking.  Skin drying, nails breaking.  Yellow disease and liver diseases because it contains vitamin complex.
  • Useful in treating stomach, immunity and intestine diseases as it contains vitamin B complex.
  • Useful in treating throat and glands pain.  Also chest diseases.  Rheumatism, fatigue, laziness and low libido.

Nutritional importance of Dates

Dates provide very high calories.  100gr of dates provides 270-340 calories.  It can be digested more easily than fats.  protein or sugars complexes.  The soft dates contain about 95%)  of sugar which is easily absorbed and it rapidly reaches the cells release the necessary heat energy for the biological processes.

Date Health benefits

In the Sorat Alnahal, The Almighty Allah said: (And of the fruits of the date palm and grapes whence ye derive strong drink and(also)  good nourishment.). The Messenger Mohamed(Peace be upon him)  said(A house empty of dates its dwellers are hungry.)

* Dates protect against anemia as it contains enough iron.
* It increases body immunity as it contains magnesium and antioxidants.
* It strengthens bones and teeth and acts as an energizer t contains phosphorus and Calcium.
* It strengthens vision and preserve eye wetness as it contains vitamin A.